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MemoRace is one of the best methods to improve concentration and exercise your memory skills. On top of that, Memory game has one more crucial benefit: you actually learn English words without noticing it. The game is a lot of fun and helps you memorise new words in a quick and enjoyable way. During the game, players get really absorbed in finding pairs that match and raising their scores.

English words just pop into your head!

Contents: 72 cards with 36 English words, manual, word list, QR Code, insert with other suggested games.

Word list in English, Spanish, German, Czech, Russian, Polish.

QR Code with access to The Learning Platform where you can learn more words with us.

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My town

The aim of the game is to practise speaking skills while using the chosen items

Put the cards from the MemoRace Town face down. Each player chooses 5 cards.
If a player has two identical cards, he or she needs to exchange this one. The
task of the player is to justify why the chosen item is needed in the town to
improve the quality of life there. For example: A town without a rubbish bin
would be dirty.

The winner is the person who creates the most sentences.


Language English
Destination Student
Destination Teacher
Level A1
Level A2




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