Logico Piccolo raam

Logico Piccolo raam 

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Product data:

Logico Piccolo is a plastic plate with colorful buttons, to which you can buy card books that help children learn to read, write and count, while introducing the world of colors, plants, animals, cartoons and serious issues, such as road traffic.

How it’s working?

– insert the book with the selected task into a plastic frame
– read the command and move the colored buttons to the place with the chosen solution
– flip the card to the other side and compare the buttons with the answers.

The LOGICO PICCOLO series of exercises are intended for children of early school age.

– bring elements of play and play to learning
– teach independent thinking
– they motivate to action
– they allow you to correct mistakes yourself
– increase self-esteem
– develop the ability to speak correctly, read with understanding, correct writing in spelling and grammar
– teach recognition of geometric figures, drawing, painting, cutting and DIY.

LOGICO PICCOLO is a tablet with books that are a unique educational aid.

The contents contained in the books are in accordance with the requirements set out in the core curriculum.

The selection of exercises, as well as the ability to manipulate colored buttons while searching for the right solution will make children more willing to learn, spontaneously reaching for fun tasks.

Each booklet, regardless of the level to which it is intended, can be used in a variety of ways, eg:

– in individual or group work during classes,
– in corrective and compensatory classes,
– on didactic-compensatory classes,
– during individual exercises at home.

At every level of education, LOGICO teaches the child to make decisions independently, without exposing the mistakes made.

This promotes the increase of its own value, and at the same time teaches us responsibility.

Exercises are methodically thought out, and their subject matter is so diverse that the child gets to know new things on the occasion of stress-free recording of the content he already knows.

Attractive exercises contain elements that develop the child’s intellectual, emotional and manual sphere, and all this happens during play.

LOGICO PICCOLO is a set of excellent exercises supporting the child’s development, arousing his cognitive curiosity, and above all teaching independent thinking.

Age group : 6-year-old. 7-year-old. 8-year-old

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